#349: Power Play – Laughter

Heart and Ice Power Play - Laugh

Days when you’re able to laugh are always the best days.  Laughter connects us with other people, it gives us energy, it helps reduce stress, it relaxes your body, and it increases happiness.  Nothing feels better than a really good laugh.  Studies have shown that it’s just as good as exercise at triggering the endorphins in your brain that boost your mood.  Laughter is so important for your emotional health and for taking life a little less seriously.

Game Plan:  Write yourself a prescription for laughter.  Search for funny YouTube videos or watch an episode of your favourite funny TV show (Friends or The Office are my go-to shows for when I need to boost my mood… in fact, I started my day laughing while eating breakfast and watching Dwight lead the ‘closing ceremonies’ with fire twirling at Andy’s garden party).  Follow someone you find funny on Twitter.  Make a collection on Pinterest of the funny things you come across so that you can return to them when you need a laugh.


Quote source: E.E. Cummings


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