#354: Power Play – The Truth

Heart and Ice Power Play - The Truth

There can be so much outside noise that we lose track of the truth that lies within us: What you value, what makes you happy, what your instincts and intentions are.  Some decisions might come clearly and we know in our hearts what the right one is.  Others are a lot foggier and it’s frustrating and confusing when we don’t have an answer.  It’s those times when you have to withdraw and reflect quietly to focus your mind, block out other people’s desires, and find what you really desire.

Some people listen to themselves, rather than listen to what others say.  These people don’t come along very often, but when they do, they remind us that once you set out on a path, even though critics may doubt you, it is okay to believe that there is no can’t, won’t or impossible.  They remind us that it is okay to believe ‘impossible’ is nothing.

  • Jody Hull’s pre-game speech before the Petes’ last game of the season (Showtime by Ed Arnold)

When you can guide your thoughts in the direction of what feels good and positive, it’s more likely that you will come to the right decision.  Instead of thinking about the things that are going wrong, think about the things that are going right.  Instead of thinking about what you hate about your job, think about the things that you like.  See yourself performing well and growing rather than focusing on the negative thoughts that tell you you’re not good enough.

When you “sit quietly and find the truth within,” you will find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Game Plan:  It’s important to take some time to yourself to reflect on the truth within – what your heart is telling you.  Outside advice can be helpful, but you shouldn’t let it drown out the voice that comes from within you.  No one knows you better than you.


Quote source: The Power Within by Mike Valley and Justin Goldman


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