#358: Power Play – Keep learning

Heart and Ice Power Play - Keep learning

There are times when you might feel stuck or like you’re craving something new… maybe you’re tired with school, feeling like you’ve climbed the highest you can in your job, or like you’re trapped in the same old routine.  Wherever you’re at, you can always look for opportunities to learn something new.  It’s not always a big change that you need in order to keep growing.  No matter your circumstances, you can always acquire new skills and keep learning.


Game Plan:  Joshua Foer, the author of Moonwalking with Einstein, calls this place the ‘OK plateau.’  At some point you might reach this plateau where you stop improving and feel like you’re sitting still.  To get past it, you have to push yourself further and not be afraid to fail before you see any improvement.  Be deliberate and take control of your own learning.  Review feedback and look at what you need to work on.  Look for new skills you could develop, and never stop learning.


Quote source: Jon Acuff, Relevant Podcast #442


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